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BGC香港致力為全球中小企以及企業集團提供快捷、準確、高質素的人力資源管理服務。遵循公司至成立以來所堅持「橋建英才,全心傳心」(Bridging & Growing Your Career,Because We Care) 的願景,用心為各行各業不同公司提供專業且個人化招聘服務,並提供專業人資管理,包括支薪及福利管理、僱員外判、外判員工、工作簽證等服務。



Thank you for the great effort in helping me find a suitable job. I really appreciate the support from my consultant before my interview. Thank you so much!

Kathy Lo
BGC Candidate

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for the assistance you have given me during my job interview process. I truly appreciate your support and networking contacts you have given me during this time. Please let's keep in touch. I'd happy to share the experience in Hong Kong...

Karl Wong
BGC Candidate

The procedures are smooth and responsive. Thanks for preparation and helping us to get through our interview. All personell are helpful and polite. Thanks for the help, BGC! 

Claire Hui
BGC Candidate

Seeking for niche Machine Learning & AI specialists with specific grading criteria for months and could not find suitable profiles at other recruitment agencies.

With our recruitment sourcing services, back by our extensive database of candidates, our team managed to provide multiple suitable profiles within a week. We were able...

The market leader in speech, voice, and languages technologies in Hong Kong
BGC Client

Looking for a vendor that can set up their data centre manpower operations within 4 weeks and provide efficient HR support after.

Our team effectively streamlined and shorten the end to end HR process. And in less than 4 weeks, we swiftly filled over 30 Data Centre Operator positions and...

A multinational insurance firm that provides global insurance & other financial services
BGC Client

Finding a recruitment partner to aide its internal talent acquisition team in recruiting for a position which they could not fill for months: Singaporean Linguistic Testers willing to relocate to Hong Kong

We formed a dedicated task force in order to conduct an extensive search. With our understanding of the...

An American multinational corporation that provides a variety of IT services
BGC Client


BGC Group是一間跨國專業人力資源顧問公司,成立於2005年,致力為客戶提供創新、靈活、可持續且個人化的人力資源綜合管理及解決方案。核心業務主要為資訊科技及科技領先的行業人力資源綜合管理及解決方案業務。業務覆蓋範圍遍及亞太地區,並於新加坡、香港及馬來西亞成立辦事處。

我們深知創新、多元化、高效及以人為本的人力資源管理方案是企業成功的不二法門。我們為各行各業不同公司和企業制定合適的招聘和人力資本管理策略,確立明確且良好的工作文化及環境,驅動創新及績效。同時,我們熟知如何透過準確的配對,細心為求職者提供合乎他們期望且合適的工作機會,確保他們有足夠空間發揮他們最大的價值,並給予他們最大的開懷和幫助,使其盡職盡責,保持高效工作的動力。秉承公司「橋建英才,全心傳心」(Bridging & Growing Your Career,Because We Care) 的願景,我們為客戶和求職者所提供的持續價值,亦讓我們得到客戶及求職者的信賴和讚譽,選擇我們成為他們的合作伙伴。

隨著業務不斷拓展,我們通過母公司橋英控股於2017年正式在香港上市 (股份代號: 08462),以成為亞太區人力資源領軍企業為目標,致力成為亞太區資訊科技領域首選的人力資源服務戰略合作夥伴。