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HR Admin & Payroll Parking In Hong Kong

  • Why use HR Admin & Payroll Parking Services In Hong Kong​?

    How does outsourcing your HR functions help your business in Hong Kong minimise employer's risks involved with manual labour, and lighten up your focus on administrative processes?

    In every HR department, staff are tasked with overseeing the multiple functions -  HR administration, payroll and employee benefits. And these functions comes along with mountains of tedious manual paperwork.  And outsourcing these HR Admin & Payroll functions can greatly reduce the organisation’s bottom line.

    Just leave your HR Admin & Payroll Parking outsourcing in Hong Kong to us.

  • #1 HR Admin & Payroll Parking Services In Hong Kong

    You've got far more important things (such as your key business goals) to worry about. 

    BGC Group Hong Kong's dedication to recruitment goes beyond just manpower recruitment outsourcing. As an international HR outsourcing firm in Hong Kong, BGC Group Hong Kong identifies and develops effective solutions that help you reduce general inefficiencies in companies. 

    We take away the boring paperwork with fuss-free automated processes in HR administration, payroll services, and more. 

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  • We are HR backed by Technology.

    BGC Group Hong Kong is an international HR outsourcing and recruitment agency in Hong Kong that delivers people solutions. 

    From workforce management to payroll parking services, we provide quality HR outsourcing solutions. We tailor our solutions to your business needs and provide you with intuitive solutions to effectively manage beyond the entire HR process pipeline from start to finish.  

    If you need help with HR admin or park your temporary headcount in Hong Kong, consult our team today. 

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​List of HR admin & payroll parking services available by BGC Group Hong Kong

A flexible needs-based HR team to take away heavy administrative processes for your temporary employees is possible with the right outsourcing services in Hong Kong.

Let us handle your HR Administrative & payroll hassles whilst simultaneously complementing your regular day to day manpower operations, to give your human resource team additional breathing space! 

Our HR admin & payroll parking capabilities allow us to efficiently accommodate a full range of HR management duties and functions that will help you yield better cost savings as a business in Hong Kong.  Just a few examples of the HR Administrative hassles we cover:

  • employer of record (EOR):  as the co-employer, bgc group Hong Kong takes care of all HR matters from onboarding to offboarding
  • HR compliance: Hong Kong employment laws and benefits for your staff
  • medical and insurance coverage
  • onboarding & contract management
  • time attendance tracking: Tracking of daily clocked-in attendance 
  • leave & claims expense management: Managing leave and expense claims
  • payroll processing & financing: timely processing and distribution of wages​
  • talent quota management 
  • work pass application 

Get in touch for a best-fit HR admin & payroll parking solution with our Hong Kong agency, tailored for your business' needs. 

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