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Do you need help recruiting capable teammates in Hong Kong fast?

Recruitment can be a highly demanding challenge for organisations looking for suitable candidates in Hong Kong or overseas to fill urgent job roles that could be in a matter of days or weeks. A lot of time and resources are spent driving your Hong Kong recruitment and that is where an international manpower outsourcing firm can help. As an international manpower outsourcing firm in Hong Kong, BGC Group Hong Kong can help ease the burden and help organisations find the right executive talent in Hong Kong. 

We are amongst the leading recruitment agencies in Hong Kong. We can help you fill your Hong Kong manpower blanks quite quickly with our BGC Group Hong Kong's candidate database. Our friendly Hong Kong executive search recruitment consultants are the perfect team to help you hire the right employees for the job. These hiring experts come from years of experience serving clients across diverse industries - our client employers do not regret choosing BGC Group Hong Kong as their preferred Internation recruitment agency in Hong Kong. 

Check out our list of services and please do (candidly) share with us your executive search requirements so that we can have your projects up and running in a jiffy!

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List of Executive search recruitment services available by BGC Group Hong Kong

Our recruitment agency in Hong Kong specialises in a myriad of recruitment and manpower services, ranging from headhunting and executive search recruitment to managing your tedious HR and payroll administration as the co-employer.

We help Hong Kong employers make better recruitment decisions so that they can enhance the strength of the executive talents they need for their organisations. We also streamline the recruitment process for employers so that they can hire more efficiently and effectively.

We provide the following recruitment outsourcing services to employers in Hong Kong:

  • job market intelligence 
  • job attraction and candidate sourcing
  • cv screening and shortlisting
  • interview scheduling and coordination 
  • compensation package negotiation and offering
  • recruiter on demand

Get in touch for a best-fit executive search recruitment outsourcing solution with our agency, tailored for your business' needs in Hong Kong.

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