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Contract Manpower Outsourcing In Hong Kong

  • Why use Contract Recruitment & HR Outsourcing Services

    in Hong Kong?

    Contract or temporary manpower can be a highly demanding challenge for organisations who need to look for a massive amount of suitable candidates to fill urgent job roles that could be in a matter of days or weeks.

    And engaging a contract manpower outsourcing companies in Hong Kong can ease the burden and help Hong Kong organisations find and handle the right temporary talent more proactively.

    We do just that at BGC Group Hong Kong.

  • #1 Contract Manpower Outsourcing Company in Hong Kong

    A flexible needs-based contract recruitment team to take away heavy recruitment & HR administrative processes for your temporary employees is possible! You just need the right outsourcing services in Hong Kong.

    As an international contract HR outsourcing firm in Hong Kong, our team at BGC Group Hong Kong identifies and develops effective solutions backed by technology. Our goal is to support our client's organisational structures and reduce general inefficiencies in companies. 

    Because we care about your success.

  • We are HR backed by Technology

    From workforce planning and management to payroll parking and HR general services, we provide quality contract manpower & HR outsourcing solutions.

    We mindfully tailor our solutions to your business manpower needs and we are fully capable of providing you with intuitive solutions to effectively manage beyond the entire HR process pipeline from start to finish.

    Check out our list of services and please do (candidly) share with us your contract manpower requirements in Hong Kong so that we can have your projects up and running in a jiffy!

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List of contract manpower outsourcing services available by BGC Group Hong Kong

Did you know? Outsourcing your Hong Kong contract recruitment and HR functions can help your businesses in Hong Kong to minimise risks involved with manual contract labour, and lighten up focus on administrative processes.

Our temporary manpower recruitment team at our agency in Hong Kong specialise in a myriad of outsourcing services, ranging from candidate sourcing to managing your contract manpower scheduling activities and temporary payroll administration as the co-employer.

We help employers make better recruitment decisions so that they can enhance the strength of their manpower with the temporary talents they need for their organisations. We also streamline the recruitment process for employers so that they can hire more efficiently and effectively.

We provide the following contract & temporary manpower outsourcing recruitment services to employers in Hong Kong:

  • job market intelligence 

  • job attraction and candidate sourcing

  • cv screening and shortlisting

  • interview scheduling and coordination 

  • compensation package negotiation and offering

  • recruiter on demand

Our contract recruitment & HR capabilities allow us to efficiently accommodate a full range of HR management duties and functions that will help you yield better cost savings as a business in Hong Kong.  Along with talent sourcing in Hong Kong, our contract manpower outsourcing solution covers:

  • employer of record (EOR):  as the co-employer, bgc group Hong Kong takes care of all HR matters from onboarding to offboarding

  • HR compliance: Hong Kong employment laws and benefits for your staff

  • medical and insurance coverage

  • onboarding & contract management

  • time attendance tracking: Tracking of daily clocked-in attendance 

  • leave & claims expense management: Managing leave and expense claims

  • payroll processing & financing: timely processing and distribution of wages​

Get in touch for a best-fit contract manpower recruitment outsourcing solution with our agency, tailored for your business' needs in Hong Kong. 

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