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    We are not just your usual IT Recruitment agency in Hong Kong, we have received recognition from our clients in the various sectors with our ​awesome track record for IT recruitment process outsourcing. 

    Rest assured, WECARE™ about quality, not just quantity.   Our team is dedicated to helping you effectively manage your entire Hong Kong IT recruitment & HR operations from start to finish.

    Just leave your HR outsourcing in Hong Kong to us.

  • WECARE™ to take care of all your Manpower HR troubles.

    BGC Group Hong Kong understands that human resource recruitment solutions form the backbone of what makes a Hong Kong business successful. But you've got far more important things (such as your key business goals) to worry about. 

    We take away the boring paperwork with fuss-free automated processes
    in recruitment, payroll services, and more. 

    Contact us to understand what business process outsourcing can do for you today.

  • We are HR backed by Technology.

    BGC Group Hong Kong is an international HR outsourcing and recruitment agency in Hong Kong that delivers people solutions. 

    Our recruitment & manpower HR services are mindfully tailored to your business needs and we are able to provide you with intuitive HR solutions to effectively manage beyond the entire HR process pipeline from start to finish.

    From executive search to contract manpower & payroll services, we anticipate your manpower hiring needs and deliver the intuitive human resource solutions you need.

Here's how we can help...

Executive Search Recruitment

You need executive search & recruitment outsourcing services in Hong Kong

Do you need help recruiting capable Hong Kong teammates fast? Or you need help reaching out to the talent of your dreams in Hong Kong.

Our international recruitment firm's dedication to executive search recruitment and headhunting recruitment in Hong Kong goes beyond just manpower outsourcing, we will headhunt for the right executive talent that will improve our clients' success in Hong Kong.

Our experienced Hong Kong recruitment teammates are constantly keeping pulse with the latest employment market trends in Hong Kong, and keeping an eye out for quality executive search talents for you.

Our team can assist you with:

  • Hong Kong (HK) job market intelligence 

  • job attraction and candidate sourcing

  • Headhunting & executive search

  • cv screening and shortlisting

  • interview scheduling and coordination 

  • compensation package negotiation and offering

  • recruiter on demand

Get in touch with us for a Hong Kong executive search recruitment solution specifically tailored to meet your organisation's business needs in Hong Kong. 

Contract Manpower Recruitment

You need contract & temporary recruitment services in Hong Kong

A flexible needs-based HR team to take away heavy Hong Kong recruitment & administrative processes for your contract employees is possible.

Before we start laying out the HR groundwork in Hong Kong, we are prepared to sit with you to understand your contract manpower recruitment & HR needs in Hong Kong down to a T.

The dynamic help that we find you will complement your regular staff and give you an extra boost in tech productivity when the workload gets heavy.

Along with mass contract recruitment, our Hong Kong HR outsourcing solutions also cover:

  • employer of record (EOR):  as the co-employer, bgc group Hong Kong takes care of all HR matters from onboarding to offboarding
  • HR compliance: Hong Kong employment laws and benefits for your staff
  • medical and insurance coverage
  • onboarding & contract management
  • time attendance tracking: tracking of daily clocked-in attendance 
  • leave & claims expense management: managing leave and expense claims
  • payroll processing & financing: timely processing and distribution of wages

Keep your mind off the hassle. Your previously mundane and tedious human resource administrative workload is in our Hong Kong team's good hands (with automation of course!)

Get in touch with us for HR & contract recruitment outsourcing solutions tailored for your organisation's specific needs in Hong Kong!

Payroll Outsourcing

You need payroll outsourcing services in Hong Kong

You're sick of time-consuming Payroll matters.

Data entry, computing, and the tracking of wages, contracts, and temporary IT staff is a time-consuming process.

Let our Payroll outsourcing Hong Kong solutions cover your tedious payroll matters in Hong Kong to ensure the timely processing and distribution of wages to your massive Hong Kong IT manpower team! 

We'll take the Payroll load off your hands, allowing your HR team in Hong Kong to focus on the larger picture and create the difference your business needs! ​

our HR outsourcing solutions also cover:

  • time attendance tracking: tracking of daily clocked-in attendance 
  • leave & claims expense management: managing leave and expense claims
  • payroll processing & financing: timely processing and distribution of wages

Get your company on track and get in touch with us for tailored Payroll outsourcing solutions, suitable for your organisation's specific needs in Hong Kong!

HR & Payroll Parking

You need HR & Payroll parking services in Hong Kong

For those who need an extra pair of hands required to handle mundane HR Administrative task permanently.

BGC Group Hong Kong's dedication to recruitment goes beyond just manpower recruitment outsourcing. We can lend you a helping hand to resolve banal, Payroll & HR Administrative chores, permanently.

Let us handle your Payroll & HR Administrative hassles whilst simultaneously complementing your regular day to day manpower operations, to give your human resource team additional breathing space! 

Just a few examples of the HR Administrative hassles we cover:

  • employer of record (EOR): as the co-employer, bgc group Hong Kong takes care of all HR matters from onboarding to offboarding
  • payroll processing & financing: timely payroll calculation, accurate billing, salary financing, and distribution of wages
  • HR compliance: Hong Kong employment laws and benefits for your staff
  •  medical and insurance coverage
  • talent quota management 

Get in touch with us for an HR Administration solution specifically tailored to meet your organisation's business needs in Hong Kong

Work Visa Administration

You need help with Work Visa Administration in Hong Kong

You're overwhelmed by the large amount of time-consuming paperwork required when handling work permit applications in Hong Kong.

Data entry, documentation and computing of multiple work visa permit can be a time-consuming and mundune process. Your time can be used.

Let our Work Visa Administration solutions assist your HR team in the entire application process for a Hong Kong work visa. We'll take the administrative workload off your hands, allowing your HR team in Hong Kong to focus on the larger picture and create the difference your business needs! ​​

Get your company on track and get in touch with us for tailored Payroll outsourcing solutions, suitable for your organisation's specific technology needs in Hong Kong!

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Our Testimonials From Clients In Hong Kong

Thank you for the great effort in helping me find a suitable job. I really appreciate the support from my consultant before my interview. Thank you so much!

Kathy Lo
BGC Candidate

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for the assistance you have given me during my job interview process. I truly appreciate your support and networking contacts you have given me during this time. Please let's keep in touch. I'd happy to share the experience in Hong Kong...

Karl Wong
BGC Candidate

The procedures are smooth and responsive. Thanks for preparation and helping us to get through our interview. All personell are helpful and polite. Thanks for the help, BGC! 

Claire Hui
BGC Candidate

Seeking for niche Machine Learning & AI specialists with specific grading criteria for months and could not find suitable profiles at other recruitment agencies.

With our recruitment sourcing services, back by our extensive database of candidates, our team managed to provide multiple suitable profiles within a week. We were able...

The market leader in speech, voice, and languages technologies in Hong Kong
BGC Client

Looking for a vendor that can set up their data centre manpower operations within 4 weeks and provide efficient HR support after.

Our team effectively streamlined and shorten the end to end HR process. And in less than 4 weeks, we swiftly filled over 30 Data Centre Operator positions and...

A multinational insurance firm that provides global insurance & other financial services
BGC Client

Finding a recruitment partner to aide its internal talent acquisition team in recruiting for a position which they could not fill for months: Singaporean Linguistic Testers willing to relocate to Hong Kong

We formed a dedicated task force in order to conduct an extensive search. With our understanding of the...

An American multinational corporation that provides a variety of IT services
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