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  • The #1 HR Outsourcing & Recruitment Agency trusted
    by the Government sector in Singapore.

    We are not just your usual IT Recruitment agency in Singapore, we have received recognition from the public sector with our ​awesome track record for recruitment process outsourcing.

    Rest assured, WECARE™ about quality, not just quantity. 

    Just leave your HR outsourcing in Singapore to us.

  • WECARE™ takes care of all your HR troubles.

    You've got far more important things (such as your key business goals) to worry about. 

    We take away the boring paperwork with fuss-free automated processes
    in recruitment, payroll services, and more. 

    Contact us to understand what business process outsourcing can do for you today

  • We are HR backed by Technology.

    BGC Group is an international HR outsourcing and recruitment agency in Singapore that delivers people solutions. 

    WECARE™ is mindfully tailored to your business needs and we are fully capable of providing you with intuitive solutions to effectively manage beyond the entire HR process pipeline from start to finish.