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Mobile & Web Applications Recruitment in Hong Kong

  • The #1 IT Recruitment Agency in Hong Kong.

    Need an application developer to construct the mobile app you need to launch your business? Or someone who can build on your website to help you effectively reach out to various business opportunities? 

    We are not just your usual IT Recruitment agency in Hong Kong. Together with our extensive database of specialist mobile & web applications talents, our Hong Kong recruitment team is able to quickly identify the right person for your next role. 

    Rest assured, WECARE™ about quality, not just quantity. 

    Just leave your HR outsourcing in Hong Kong to us.

  • Our Mobile & Web Applications Recruiters In Hong Kong Can Help!

    You've got far more important things (such as your key business goals) to worry about. 

    As you work to redefine the technology industry with your applications, our Hong Kong recruitment team commits to providing you with the customised manpower recruitment solution you need to find the top candidates with the skills you need to make that strategic decision. 

    Our recruitment consultants have the market knowledge on what mobile & web applications hires are looking for. We ensure that your organisation in Hong Kong attracts and retains the best talent at the right remuneration.

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  • We are HR backed by Technology.

    BGC Group is an international HR outsourcing and recruitment agency in Hong Kong that delivers people solutions. 

    Our Hong Kong Recruitment consultants will deliver market demand analytics with a human touch, offering an effective strategy in recruiting the Mobile & Web Applications developers you need.

    Let us find you your recruitment fix!

    We will help recruit the Hong Kong manpower you need to get your engines riled up and going in Hong Kong! 

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List of Mobile & Web Applications recruitment services available at BGC Group Hong Kong

We help employers make better Hong Kong recruitment decisions so that they can enhance the strength of their Hong Kong Mobile & Web Applications workforce with the talents they need for their organisations.

We also care to streamline the Hong Kong recruitment process for employers so that they can hire more efficiently and effectively.

Here are just some of our Mobile & Web Applications recruitment outsourcing services to employers in Hong Kong:

  • job market intelligence 
  • job attraction and candidate sourcing
  • cv screening and shortlisting
  • interview scheduling and coordination 
  • compensation package negotiation and offering
  • recruiter on demand

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