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5 Tips For A More Efficient Remote Hiring Strategy in Hong Kong

5 Tips For A More Efficient Remote Hiring Strategy in Hong Kong

29 Mar 12:00 by HR & Management

Remote Recruitment Tips Hong Kong

​It’s 2021. As an HR professional, you should start spearheading your company’s strategy on remote recruitment. Not because it’s necessary as a result of COVID-19. Not because it’s the latest buzzword or trend. But to stay competitive now and in the future when it comes to the competition for talents.

The pandemic has accelerated the digitization of HR. It was already bound to happen. It just got accelerated recently. One of the HR functions that needed to adapt quickly and urgently is recruitment. In the past years, a lot of companies have steadily incorporated remote recruitment by implementing a hybrid process - the first parts are remote interviews and the later parts are in-office interviews. But now, it’s no longer just a “let’s give it a try” program. It has become a minimum expectation for job seekers - and very much for those who are presently employed.


As an IT recruitment agency, we’ve noticed that remote recruitment has become the norm these days and will continue to be in years to come. While traditionally HR recruiters feel that personal, in-office interviews are more effective, technology has made remote interviews similarly situated. But it has its own unique set of challenges. It’s a relatively new concept and a lot of companies have just started to unravel the issues related to remote hiring.

Top HR Challenges Faced During Remote Interviews