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4 Tips Mature Workers Should Take Note in Order to Survive This Covid-19 Pandemic

4 Tips Mature Workers Should Take Note in Order to Survive This Covid-19 Pandemic

10 Mar 10:00 by BGC Candidates

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The Covid-19 pandemic can be tough on mature workers. As most of you already know, the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a mass global work from home experiment, which the younger employees might be praising. But not everyone is cut out for the current work-from-home (WFH) trend. Especially not when it involves tech.

Additionally, the downtrodden economy might bring new anxieties and fears to a more mature worker. As a recruitment agency in Hong Kong, we are no strangers to the different anxieties that our mature candidates might share. Here are 4 tips that mature workers can take note of, to help pass the Covid-19 pandemic hitting most organizations across Hong Kong. 

1. Know Your Tech Basics 




Video conferencing might be second nature to some of the younger employees. Whilst your Millennial and Gen Z colleagues grew up hand in hand with technology. Not all my older friends and colleagues are aware that you can video conference professionally using their phones and tablets. Try your hand by downloading apps such as Skype and Google Hangouts. 

In addition to this, mature workers are not versed in video conferencing etiquette. It’s simple really, all you need is to use a pair of headphones with a microphone attached, to “kill” the ambient background noises. Don’t forget to find a good angle for your phone if you’re planning on using the camera. 

2. Know Your Rights 




Unfortunately, in order to cut costs, some companies are asking their older employees to consider early retirement or taking unpaid leave. Or the final alternative is to accept a slight pay cut until the Covid-19 issue is done and over with. Of course, these are just several creative ways that the company has come up with to stay afloat during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Despite these measures, your organization is not allowed to force you to do things such as: 

  • Your employers cannot force you to take annual leave for a Covid-19 quarantine. However, your medical leave can be deducted if you have to be quarantined.

  • Deduct your pay due to the quarantine period.

  • Decline your medical leave or access to a doctor.

  • Force you to retire early, or go on unpaid leave. 

When it comes to unpaid leave and salary deduction, it’s best to stay informed and know your rights. Some reputable readings to check out are: 

3. Upskill Yourself 




Sometimes, we must prepare for the worst-case scenario. If your employer has to make unfortunate cuts to keep the company afloat, upskilling might make them reconsider their decision. It is not uncommon for older employees to face setbacks despite their experience. But don’t falter under the hype. Upskilling is just one of the many ways that mature workers can do to remain competitive alongside the younger generation. 

One thing mature workers can take up is online courses. Take a page out of the young employee’s handbook and pick up a new skill through online courses. This is a great option if you’re stumped for cash. And with a number of courses available on platforms such as YouTube, Coursera, and Udemy. You will surely have a lot of options to choose from. Online courses are also a great way to keep yourself busy without the hassle of leaving your comfy home! 

Here at BGC Group, we like to emphasize the importance of upskilling. There are a number of benefits to reskilling as a mature employee. It can range from more diverse skills to a larger network, and depending on the circumstances, better pay. 

4. Friend not Foe 


It might be hard to not view your younger colleagues as competition, in times like this. But you can make yourself valuable to the organization by opting to train your younger and less experienced colleagues. Since education is a two-way street, older workers can also stand to gain a thing or two from newer hires.

3 Things Older Workers Can Learn From Younger Employees:

  • New Technology: Perhaps one of the most obvious areas that can be developed. Whether it’s computers, apps, or even ways to simplify your browsing efforts. There is a high chance that younger workers will know how to use it.

  • Taking New Risks: Compared to older and more experienced employees, younger employees tend to have more “out of the box” ideas. Not only can your new colleagues teach you about taking new risks. They can also teach their more experienced friends to think in new, innovative ways. After all, a new era calls for a new way of thinking. 

  • New Perspectives: One thing that younger employees have embraced is diversity. And it’s no surprise considering many of your youthful counterparts come from diverse family backgrounds. These newer and more diverse perspectives might be able to help open older worker’s eyes to the changing world and workforce. Learn more about what older workers can teach younger workers in this article

What are some tips that younger workers can share with older employees to help them get through this tough time? Start a discussion in the comments section below! 

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