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What Fintech Companies in Hong Kong Look Out For in Candidates

What Fintech Companies in Hong Kong Look Out For in Candidates

15 Oct 14:00 by BGC Workplace

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You’ve probably heard about Fintech, an industry that seems to be hot on everyone’s tongues right now. With the surge in the development of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, wireless and online forms of communication, the future of financial technologies seems to be bright. 

If you’re looking to join fintech companies, you might want to follow the tips we’ve managed to gather below! Since we’re a recruitment company, don’t forget to check out about the different jobs here

1. Demonstrate enthusiasm about the fintech sector 


Just like any other job position out there, it’s best to show your interest in the Fintech sector. Of course, to demonstrate proper enthusiasm about the budding industry, you must first gain the knowledge needed to understand the finance’s hot new sector. 

One way to do this is by gaining a qualification in fintech. A proper qualification in fintech will help you learn how the industry works and how to work in it. But gaining knowledge in the industry does not end there. Internship experience and constantly keeping up with the latest updates of the sector by keeping up with news from the Fintech sector. 

2. Previous experience within the fintech field 


This might sound ironic but in today’s day and age, employers are usually interested in hiring candidates with genuine experience in their field. Even if it is your first job. Which is strange because in order to get a job, you need experience, and in order to gain experience, you need a job. Or so most people think.

One great way to gain experience within the fintech field that can boost your resume is through internships. Alternatively, employers also appreciate candidates with experience in relevant positions. Think temporary jobs within the tech field or even the legal field!

Remember, job experience, gives you a platform to test out the skills that you’ve learnt throughout your college degree. And help you gain newer and better skills. 

3. Unique skills - both soft and hard 


Of course, candidates will need to have a select set of hard skills in order to succeed in the job. Some of the most sought after hard skills in fintech are:

  • Programming skills: As with any position that is related to tech and computing, programming skills will always be needed. In the Fintech job market, programming skills in C++, C#, Java, Python are in popular demand.

  • Cybersecurity expertise: If there’s money involved, there will always be a group of individuals interested in taking it. Fintech companies are exposed to a bunch of threats. Any cyberattack on such a company might lead to damaged company reputations, strain potential business relations, and affect employee morale.

    In fact, cybercrime is so prevalent that there is almost a 30% increase each year in the average number of security breaches.

  • Soft skills: Communication skills, people skills, as well as creativity and problem-solving skills are just the tip of the iceberg of soft skills. However, experts within the industry look out for one major soft skill: the ability to adapt.

    Other notable soft skills fintech companies look out for include; technical skills, positive outlook, out of the box thinking, creative problem-solving skills, and self-motivation.

  • Knowledge in economics: A strong knowledge of economics is essential. Even applicants looking to apply for non-financial roles. The ideal candidate will need to understand what it’s like to understand the role of the organization, how the economy and the markets work as well as an idea of what the customer is looking for.

    Employees within the fintech industry will need to be agile and adaptable, to keep up with the rapid changes occurring within the industry. In order to thrive in this industry, employees need to understand that there is no fixed set of protocol. Because whatever practice that worked in the past, might not work in the present. 

4. The right culture fit 


Like most organizations, HR executives in fintech companies are always on the lookout for the “right fit”. As a recruitment agency in Hong Kong, we believe that finding the perfect job fit can be done through simple research. 

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However, apart from adaptability, companies are on the lookout for an employee who can work comfortably with other people. In a world where 55% of employees admit that peer to peer teaching is one of the most effective ways to pick up new skills in the company. This is an important trait to have. 

5. Someone who interviews well  


It is no secret that employers often use job interviews as a way to deduce the working habits and personality of the candidate. Other times, they’re designed to find out a bit more about your educational, work experience background, and level of experience. And just like any other organizations out there. Some companies might even choose to throw curveball questions at you, to see how you will react and respond in times of panic.

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