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6 Tips for Gen Z Job Seekers in Hong Kong

6 Tips for Gen Z Job Seekers in Hong Kong

07 Oct 11:00 by BGC Workplace

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If you’re born anytime between 1995 to 2010, you’re part of the latest group to infiltrate the workforce - Generation Z. However, with the saturated job market, it is tougher for us Gen Z kids to break into the workforce. One way to land your first job would be to apply through a reputable job agency in Hong Kong, like BGC Group. However, here are some additional tips to help you through this frustrating time. 


1. Positive Thinking is Key 


Compared to the older generations, Gen Z is some of the most grounded kids to enter the workforce. This is a Generation that was raised during 9/11 and the hard-hitting recession. Unlike Millennials, Gen Z’s are raised to be tough and understand that there are winners and losers, unlike their idealistic elders. 

However, it is important to give yourself some time during your job search. Yes, the market is saturated and it is harder to land a job on your own these days. But understand that there is light at the end of this seemingly endless tunnel.

One way to help you think more positively during times of extreme stress is meditation. Take five minutes out of your day to write down your goals. It’s a great way to remind yourself why you're searching for a job searching and what you want from it. 


2. Revisit Old Connections 


The good thing about schools today is the number of mandatory internships you have to take. Not only are these useful in terms of populating your resume, but they also allow you to make connections to add to your network.

Once you have a range of established connections, it’s easier to find and land a job. The great thing about starting work in the digital era is that you’re also able to network on social media. Alternatively, as a generation that prizes face to face dialogue, you can also find social networking events hosted either by your Polytechnics or Universities. Career fairs are also a good way of getting your name out to recruiters. Just remember to make a positive impression to ensure that they’ll be talking about you once the day is over!  


3. Look Within Yourself to Find What You Can Do 


​Thankfully, you’re a generation that’s more realistic than the previous Millennial generation. There’s a difference between wanting to do something that you can do and pursuing an unattainable dream.

One thing to remember when trying to break into an industry is to find roles that you have a natural talent for. A good way to find a starting base or point is by figuring out positions that your MBTI type has loads of success with. For instance, ISFPs tend to have a natural affinity for aesthetics and art. Which means that a possible career direction they can explore is architecture. As a recruitment company whose job is to place candidates into the right positions, we believe that MBTI type and job roles do have some correlation. 

Some of our favourite MBTI related blog posts include: 

4. Focus on Soft Skills 




Sure GPA and marks matter to some degree - if you’re looking to jump into a career in the public industry. But really, there is a growing number of employers who are looking to hire candidates beyond their qualifications and GPA. According to Linkedin, the 5 top soft skills are; creative, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability, and time management. Which coincidentally are some of the hardest soft skills to find amongst employees.

In addition, collaboration might be a soft skill that Gen Z’s find hard to cultivate. And this is not their fault. Kids from this generation are more independent compared to their millennial counterparts. In fact, Gen Z’s are so individual, that they do not like the idea of open-concept offices.

Having a strong set of desirable soft skills might be the best way to get your foot into any door. Learn more about how to cultivate your soft skills here


5. Don’t Take the First Offer Available 




There are a lot of things that job hunting and shopping have in common. However, one golden rule that you should heed is to never take the first job offer available. Unless the offer came through a trusted source or recruitment agency, it is best to “shop” around. You wouldn’t want to end up feeling stuck at a job that doesn’t suit you. Or worse, one that doesn’t appreciate your skills and work ethic.

You can combat this by having a clear vision of what your ideal job and workplace should be like, and then try to find a job that best matches it. Learn more about what other Gen Z employees want from their workplace here.


6. Don’t Be Afraid to Quit 




If there is one thing that I could tell myself as a fresh graduate. It’d be to not be afraid to quit my first job. Sure it took a lot of hard work and a long time to land my first job but eventually, the time came for me to leave. 

Here are some signs you should leave your first job:

  • You’re emotionally and physically drained.

  • It isn’t furthering your professional development anymore (i.e. you find it hard to learn anything new from your job).

  • You’re checking Jobstreet/Cult Jobs/BGC Hong Kong’s job portals daily for new positions.

Remember, now that you’re done with school and university, your job should mean more to you than just a monthly paycheck. Your job should also provide you with ways to gain skills, knowledge, experience, and the training needed to push you up the career ladder. So, if your job fails to provide you with the desired skills, training, and expertise needed for your professional development, then it’s best to leave. 


Of course, the tips listed here are just the tip of the iceberg. Like the tips listed here? Check out some of the other articles listed below. 


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