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Expectations Vs Reality: Freelancing

Expectations Vs Reality: Freelancing

03 Apr 16:00 by Deana Zafir

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Are you thinking about living the freelance life, and working for yourself? Most full-time professionals and students think of freelance work as a solution to a job that gives them the best work-life balance. 

As someone who has worked both from home and for a company, I can assure you that despite providing the best perks, the freelance life can be just as draining and exhausting as a standard full-time job. 

Browse through our list of memes below for more information when it comes to both a freelance and full-time job position in Hong Kong. Enjoy! 


Contract and Temporary Jobs is the Solution to your Woes!

If you are searching for a position that gives you full-time pay and time to focus on your personal talents, then contract and temporary job positions within Hong Kong is the solution for you.

Some of the perks of a contract and/or temporary position include: 
  • Having a stable income stream whilst you continue honing your true passion
  • It gives you a chance to try out a job position or industry you're curious about (click here for more information)
  • Gives fresh graduates and students a reliable experience. Temp jobs provide more responsibilities and a higher pay compared to internship positions
Looking for a headstart in your future career? With the holidays rolling 'round, it is the perfect time to gain some experience with a temporary and/or contract position. Visit our BGC job board to find that perfect temporary opportunity. 

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